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Michelle Mosby witnessed first hand as people in her community struggled to become gainfully employed and were often denied due to poor decision making and prior bouts with the legal system. She realized that the cliché “do the crime and do your time” was not necessarily true because the so-called “debt to society” was still being collected long after offenders had been released. Michelle discovered that this vicious truth only led to the likelihood of repeat offenders.  She believes that the success of a returning citizen often depends on one having gainful employment to truly reintegrate into society.


HMHY serves as a resource to the city of Richmond and the State of Virginia’s Department of Corrections to assist returning citizens who have been released from jail or prison.



HMHY is a public foundation created to assist in poverty reduction and the reintegration of returning citizens into the community. The Goal is to reduce/jail prison recidivism, and improve public safety through addressing the educational, employment, healthcare and family relationship needs of returning citizens. HMHY provides support and connection to needed services in the community after the returning citizen has been released. HMHY seeks to position itself as a solution to the problem and not just an articulator of one; HMHY seeks to partner with individuals and entities to bring power back to the lives of former offenders. Empowerment comes in many forms: Emotional, Social, Spiritual, Economic, and Political. HMHY seeks holistic empowerment to bring about holistic change.


Partnering in the process that brings power back to the people by navigating returning citizens through high fidelity wraparound care coordination where the individual and their identified natural supports exercise choice and control over their care and support needs.  

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Miracle Griffin

Peer Support Navigator

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Saleem Abdul - Basir

Housing Peer (LEE)


Elena Johnson

Executive Assistant


Jermaule Shepherd

Peer Support Navigator

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Ereka Wood


Case Manager

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Shakil ALI

LEE Supervisor

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Karen Imes

Workforce Specialist