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Our Emergency/Transitional Housing Program is designed to assist individuals by providing support to address the barriers that continue to limit their access to stable housing. HMHY knows the importance of stable living environments upon the release of a former justice involved citizen.  By providing this temporary housing solution, our participants are given the opportunity for a smoother transition back into their community.

Due to an increased number of returning citizens, the lack of affordable housing, and in correspondence of early releases related to Covid-19, HMHY continuously runs into the issue of finding community housing for our participant. On October 2020, HMHY implemented the Emergency/Transitional Housing program in collaboration with Capstone House that provides 5 participants to receive housing up to 6 weeks at a 4-bedroom home in the Church Hill Community. 

HMHY is preparing for the Grand Opening of "Help Me Have Housing" emergency/transitional home located in the Southside area of Richmond City!

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The Future: HMHY New Life Academy & Home

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We are continuing to work with City Officials to gain support for the HMHY Academy and Home as well as find the best location. We are consistently developing partnerships with local organizations that will relocate or have a satellite office at the HMHY Academy and Home . Above you will see. picture of a possible design of  what this Academy and Home will look like.​​

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