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HMHY has been assisting returning citizens and their families since 2008.  HMHY believes that through helping returning citizens and their families navigating community-based reentry programs and needed services will increase the likelihood of successful home plans for returning citizens, thereby increasing public safety, and positive family reunification.  

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Coordinated reentry is a person focused system.  Navigators assist participants and their families with navigating the reentry programs and services during their transition from incarceration to the community.  Navigating coordinated reentry is aimed at ensuring access to reentry programs that match needs of each unique household. 

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Children represent 1/3 of our population and 100% of our future.  HMHY endeavors to create a cadre of youth leaders who will positively contribute to society.  We can do this by effectively utilizing our proven cognitive-behavior and psychodynamic techniques through our designed Navigation Continuum of Care services to bridge the gap between children and their previous incarcerated parent(s) through parent coaching and development, parenting classes, pre- and post-release family reunification, father hood initiatives, black male summit, and other future programs to come. Our goal is to have all individuals (previous inmates, children, family, natural supports, etc.)  involved in this program to have positive outcomes in all areas to include but not limited to positive reunifcation, personal mastery, self-control, self-esteem, finances, self-image, communication, social skills, school attendance, and academic performance. Your donation will positively impact OUR future.

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