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Our staff is highly trained, experienced, and well qualified to meet the needs of this population. This is evidenced by the educational, professional makeup, and lived experiences of our team.  We are staffed by a competent licensed clinical social worker who oversees our case managers, LEEs, Navigators, and other direct support staff.  Collectively, this dedicated team of professionals represents many years of diversified experience in the field of human services working with children, adults, and families in both individual and group settings. 


HMHY’s excellence in the delivery of high fidelity wrap-around services has garnered us a highly respected name in the non-profit arena in the Richmond tri-city area.  Our passion and interest in working collaboratively with all re-entry service providers sets us a part from other agencies, because if we (HMHY) have learned anything it is that Teamwork Makes the Dreamwork.

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An important element to the HMHY Program is the emphasis that is placed on education. Education is pivotal for our participants re-entry back into society.


Therefore, we partner with agencies to provide G.E.D and vocational training, support groups for behavior and addiction issues, basic life skills and financial literacy to serve as foundational tools for success.

Physical & Mental Health

Healthcare is an essential component of reentry. Every HMHY participant is given the opportunity to incorporate physical and mental health education and awareness training as part of their reentry goals.


HMHY strongly believes every participants health is their greatest asset and should be carefully guarded to ensure a healthy lifestyle. HMHY link participants to appropriate physical and mental health providers based on their individual needs. HMHY promotes taking a holistic approach to good nutrition for healthy living

HMHY also encourages good nutrition for healthy living.

Navigation Continuum of Care


Housing is an essential part of HMHY’s program. HMHY understands that every participant needs a stable living environment to function effectively .


HMHY partners with transitional housing programs and the local housing authorities to assist participants with housing barriers.

Family Reunification

As supportive as family members wish to be, over time, relationships between incarcerated individuals and their family and social support members can become strained. It is well known that families and social support networks play a critical role in a person’s transition from incarceration to the community.


The family reunification component of HMHY provides comprehensive intervention to identify natural supports as well as deficiencies and work with the family members to increase their ability to function as a unit. Some of the services provided are:

• Mentoring
• Parenting Classes
• Family Support Services
• Conflict Resolution Strategies
• Child/ Caregiver Support Groups

HMHY provides intensive services to guide participants on the road to a life free of incarceration. Coordinated reentry is a person focused system, making the connections to appropriate services including housing, transportation, education, spirituality, health, and family reunification.  Navigators (LEEs – Lived Experience Experts) provide peer support and assist participants and their families with navigating various reentry programs and services during their transition from incarceration to the community. Navigating coordinated reentry is aimed at ensuring access to reentry programs that match needs of each unique household.

***This service is available to any previous justice involved individual and/or their family. ***

Recidivism Reduction

HMHY will provide services to self-empower participants to make better choices in life that would enable them to successfully transition back into the community.


HMHY provides guidance and direction in achieving goals by assisting participants to make better decisions in becoming independent and significantly decreasing recidivism. Our goal is to prevent returning citizens from returning to incarceration after receiving Navigation services. 


We aid our participants in applying for job opportunities by helping them to overcome transportation barriers.



HMHY understands that most participants struggling with successful reentry depend on some type of spiritual guidance.


HMHY strongly encourage our participants to give back to the community by providing community service, as we believe this experience in itself is spiritually rewarding.



HMHY assist in addressing the many barriers program participants may face as it relates to securing and maintaining employment and on-going financial stability. HMHY has established partnerships in the community that serve as a resource for the employment and vocational needs of HMHY participants.


HMHY provides navigation assistance to employment and/or entrepreneurial readiness services in which resume writing, interview skills, workplace ethics, basic personal skills, communication, time management, dress for success, customer service skills, phone etiquette, tips on how to address their criminal background, and computer skills will be taught. 


HMHY continuously advocate for system-impacted/formerly incarcerated individuals by identifying barriers to employment and education faced by these individuals by collaborating with community re-entry providers to reduce obstacles.

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